My Freely Me Journey
Bonnie Surie and her kitty KizmitMoments from Bonnie Surie's lifeBonnie Surie shares photos from her journey
Bonnie Surie wears a white outfit and celebrates a powerful speaking engagement.

I am a recovering runner.

Not the kind with the fancy shoes, small shorts, and record time to beat, but the type of runner that constantly runs from themselves to avoid or escape the discomfort of being in their own body, mind, and life.

It wasn't until that uncomfortable Easter in 2010 that I realized I had become a professional escape artist. After watching a replay of that morning’s events on a tablet, I was overwhelmed with shame and frustration. The person I saw wasn't who I wanted to be.

(For the full story of what I watched happen on the tablet, check out this video - it's quite a journey!)

My relationship with myself and life had become a relentless battle. I couldn't run from it anymore. I was done wishing and hoping for my life to change; it was time for ME to change.

Bonnie Surie and her kitty Kizmit

Life changed when I changed

I went from overwhelmed and mean to embracing each day with excitement. My relationships with my husband and kids shifted in positive ways. I discovered a new way of thinking, behaving, communicating, and ultimately, living. I became a new version of myself.

People began noticing the change, and conversations with strangers often ended with two questions: "Are you teaching this somewhere? Where can I learn more?" 

In 2015, I started Life Coaching, sharing the transformative lessons I learned to help others change their relationship with themselves and their life journey, just as I did.

Moments from Bonnie Surie's life

My next-level turning point

My dad gifted me a ticket to Success and Prosperity expert Bob Proctor's Matrixx seminar in Canada. Little did I know, that ticket would be my passport to a world beyond imagination. I was invited to return and join Bob's staff to facilitate the next seminar-the very essence of transformation. Side by side with Bob, I delved into the intricate dance between the mind and body, unlocking doors to profound insights and game-changing mindset tools, adding to ones I had learned during self-study.

From that point on, the adventure rapidly unfolded. Bob extended an invitation to coach his acclaimed program, Thinking Into Results. This catapulted me into working with countless driven teams and individuals committed to extraordinary results.

Private team training, transformative retreats, speaking at women’s charity events, morning shows that sparked inspiration, and frequent training and speaking sessions at Ft. Campbell, KY, for the Resilient Employee program.

My words found their way into magazines, and I've had the honor of speaking on the prestigious stage at Cambridge University UK and co-authoring an Amazon bestseller.

Every session, every event, and every interaction has been a chance to connect, inspire, and witness remarkable transformations, inviting people into the world of possibility. But my skills and development were ready to expand into a whole new realm.

Bonnie Surie shares photos from her journey

A Profound Experience

During a dinner party, I unexpectedly channeled a message to a complete stranger leaving her speechless and shocked. I was flooded with disbelief and fascination, wondering, "What the heck just happened?!"

This newfound ability continued to unfold in fascinating ways and has become a compass in my work with private mentoring clients. Through intuition guidance, I uncover hidden roadblocks to their challenges that are holding them back from the progress and change they deeply desire.

Equipped with a powerful blend of mindset tools, a talent for storytelling, and an intuitive understanding of life's journey, I lead my clients toward transformative breakthroughs while helping them rebuild their relationship with themselves. Together, we create their unique path to improved health, increased wealth, stronger relationships, and more fulfilling lives.

I remember, as young as 5 and into my early teenage years, pretending that I was being interviewed. I would passionately share what I believed to be secret knowledge that would help people to be happy. 

Here's what I've learned about inner wisdom: it guides, but when your relationship with yourself isn't healthy—even if it's a secret struggle—that inner guidance becomes a faint whisper. My journey, a continuous evolution, has taught me that hearing that whisper requires nurturing the relationship we have with ourselves.

So, here I am, in the midst of a journey that's far from over, eagerly anticipating what's next. The adventure continues, and the best chapters are yet to be written. Will you be part of it?

Bonnie Surie wears a white outfit and celebrates a powerful speaking engagement.

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